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What is my IP address

Check IP address

If you need to find your public/external IP address that is visible to all when you surf the internet you can use Check IP address test. Also this test will show you some additional information that is sent automatically by your browser and can be collected by websites when you visit them.
To check IP address, please enter the six-digit code from the picture and click the "Check IP address".

What is my IP address and how to check IP address What is an IP address?
What is my real IP address?
Why should I hide IP address?
How can I hide or change IP address?
How do I hide or change IP address using proxy servers?
How do I hide or change IP address using proxy software?
How does proxy software change IP address?
What is a static IP address?
What is a dynamic IP address?
How can I check IP address? Whats my IP address?
How can I check IP location (detect IP address location)?

What is an IP address?

IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) is an unique string of numbers that identifies a computer or a server on a network. When you connect to the Internet, either via your ISP (Internet service provider - AOL, NTL, etc.), or your office LAN connection, you are assigned an IP Address. This address identifies your computer from the other computers. An IP Address can be private, for use on a LAN, or public, for use on the Internet or other WAN. IP Address can be either static, meaning it never changes, or dynamic, meaning each time you dial-in or login you are assigned a new address for that session. IP Addresses are usually expressed as four decimal numbers, each ranging from 0 to 255, separated by periods. For example,

What is my IP address (whats my real IP)?

To check IP address you can use this page.

Why should I hide or change IP address?

You could have different reasons to change IP address:
- prevent your ISP, boss and other third parties from spying on youand stay anonymous when you visit web sites, download files, send emails, etc
- bypass websites restrictions for users from certain countries or geographical regions
- bypass your local restrictions to visit certain websites
- keep your computer safe from hacker attacks based on your IP address
- avoid your personal information being used for tracking your browsing habits

If someone knows your IP address, he knows your ISP, can detect your country, city and even street address. When you surf the web, your IP address is left in logs all around the Internet (ISP logs, logs of all sites you visit), so anyone who has access to the logs can see what sites you've visited, what files you've downloaded, what videos you've watched. Hackers and identity thieves can use this information to infiltrate your system and steal personal information, use it in a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, spy upon you or cause damage to your PC.

How can I hide or change IP address?

The most common method to change or hide IP address is to use proxy servers. A proxy server is a kind of buffer between your computer and the Internet resource you access. A user connects to the proxy server and then requests Internet service available on a different server. If the proxy server is also a cache server, it can use its local cache of previously downloaded web pages to provide the page without forwarding the request to the Internet. If the page is not in the cache, the proxy server uses one of its own IP addresses to request the page from the server on the Internet. When the page is returned, the proxy server relates it to the original request and forwards it to the user.
There are several implementations of proxy servers that you can use to hide your IP address:
Proxy servers configured in your browser
You may configure your browser to transmit your browser traffic through proxy servers
Web proxy servers A web proxy is a web site which allows you to access other sites through it. You visit a web proxy site and enter the url of a web site you want to visit anonymously. Web proxy sends request to the necessary web site, receives "answer" and returns it to the user. Web proxies allow you to be anonymous and access web sites that may be restricted for users from certain countries or geographical regions, access web sites blocked by corporate or school proxies.

How do I hide or change IP address using proxy servers?

To hide IP addres with proxy servers, you need to find an anonymous or high anonymous proxy server and set it in your browser.
To change IP address with proxy sever in Internet Explorer

  • Select Tools -> Internet Options.
  • Select Connections tab.
  • If you are using LAN, click LAN Settings button.
    If you are using Dial-up or Virtual Private Network connection, select necessary connection and click Settings button.
  • In 'Proxy Server' area, click the check box next to Use a proxy server ....
  • Set Proxy Server address and port.
  • Click 'OK'

    Also see how to configure proxy settings in different browsers and applications

    If your IP address is not changed, try to use another proxy server.

    If you don't want to set up your browser every time to change or hide IP address, you may use hide IP address/change IP address software.

    Proxy software lets you easily change your real IP address or hide your real IP from the web sites you visit.

    top proxy software
    - You can use proxy software with browsers and different applications to provide anonymous surfing - so you may change IP address and stay anonymous when you visit web sites, download files, send emails, etc
    - Using proxy software you may filter proxies by location so that you appear to be located in the certain country
    - change IP on the fly (per time, per request)
    - change IP address manually

    How does proxy software hide IP address?

    Using proxy software you can surf through proxy chains with any number of proxy servers in the chain to change IP address on the fly and provide IP address security and tunnel Internet activity through proxy servers.

    What is a static IP Address?

    Static IP address is permanently assigned to a computer - it never changes.

    What is a dynamic IP Address?

    Dynamic IP addresses are only assigned to a computer at the time it connects with the Internet. Dynamic IP addresses can change every time the computer reconnects to the Internet. If you receive a dynamic IP Address from your internet provider, it will likely be different on your next session. So if you need your IP Address for later use, you need to check it when you log on for that session.

    How can I check IP Address? Whats my IP?

    You can check IP Address on this page

    How can I detect IP address location (check IP location)?

    Check IP address : Check my IP address

  • Proxy Question
    • What kind of information about my computer can be collected by web sites?

    When you surf the Internet, web sites collect and record usage information about your computer such as your IP address, Operating System, browser type, configuration of a browser (display resolution, color depth, java / javascript support, etc.), operating system you are using, web pages last visited. Some of this information, for example browser type, operating system, etc. automatically comes from your browser. Other information, for example display resolution, color depth, local time, java / javascript support, etc. can be collected if you enable scripts while surfing.
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